FRIZZ23 published in Czech Republic architecture magazine ERA21!

The recent issue #04 of the Czech Republic architecture magazine http://www.era21.cz/ is concentrating on contemporary dense urban typology - mixed use structures - with shops, offices, living and ideally a multifunctional hall for entertainment. As a reference they show the mixed used buildings from early 20th century in central Europe, where vertical mixed used structures were very typical. They are focussing on buildings in the typical European height range of 6 to 10 floors.

Frizz23 provides exactly the mix, the magazin was looking for, even their ideal idea of a multifunctional hall for entertainment is provided by the non profit school Forum Berufsbildung e.V.

The article also describes the unique dialogical process of developing architectural and urban planning goals for the project together with representatives of the neighbourhood and of the Berlin senat and the district in several workshops.

We feel honoured that Frizz23 is included in this important theme publication!

>FRIZZ23 im tschechischen Architekturmagazin ERA21 veröffentlicht. >FRIZZ23 im tschechischen Architekturmagazin ERA21 veröffentlicht.