Concept Outbids Cash

Three concepts re-define Berlin's urban development

Saturday June 20 2015, 13:30
Make City Festival - Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44

Three architect driven developments are breaking ground on sites surrounding a disused flower market. These case studies in locally integrated urban development began, when their concepts were selected from over 40 contenders in Berlin’s experimental landsales procedure. Not the highest price, but the best ideas won. Architects have emerged as developers and pioneers of entirely new processes that have potential to change the rules of the property game in Berlin. These intelligent mixed-use projects combine commercial, social, residential and cultural goals. Together they expand Berlins Baugruppen tradition to a larger scale of collaborative thinking and collaborative developing. The complexities of developing a small city quarter in dialog with multiple layers of participants is a unique challenge for Architects exploring new frontiers of architectural practice.

As part of a panel discussion in Berlin Britta Jürgens and Matthew Griffin will give a short talk about the re-development of the Blumengroßmarkt and Deadline's approach to the FRIZZ23, one of three sites being developed within a model framework for Berlin's new land sales policy.

Supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung Berlin

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