What a nice surprise!

On Friday, April 26,2013 a diagram of our project FRIZZ23 was put on the cover of 'Bauwelt', Germany's weekly architectural magazine.

In a three page article Stephan Becker describes the processes behind the re-development of the Blumengroßmarkt, an industrial site in Kreuzberg on the border to Mitte. Three sites are currently being sold by the government to innovative porjects which won a year and a half long tender process based not only on the price, but also on the best concept.

The three innovative development models are described within the context of the site, and Berlin's changing land sales policy. The Blumengroßmarkt is one of the last unwritten sites in the center of Berlin, and could serve as a model for future urban development policy in Berlin.

Innovatives Verfahren um die Blumengroßmarkthalle?
Bauwelt 16|2013
pp. 27-29
by Stephan Becker (Blog: TextPlusRaum)