Invitation: Parkfest on Saturday, September 24, 3–9pm.

Dear friends, colleagues and everyone interested

As most of you already know, for a long time now we have been working on our frizz23 project. Finally we can gaze in awe at the excavations !! : )))

Directly next door the Taz is building its new headquarters and two other neighbouring building sites are already rising up into the sky.

Together we want to introduce the new neighbourhood and welcome you to join us at our Parkfest on Saturday 24th September between 3 - 9pm

There will be lots of live music, + drinks + food + games for all ages.

Attached id the official invite. Please tell your friends and family, the more the merrier!

From 7pm, our former employee Elisabeth King will be playing with her amazing band Dzaijl.

It's going to be great fun!

Matthew + Britta

Parkfest Parkfest

FRIZZ23 published in Czech Republic architecture magazine ERA21!

The recent issue #04 of the Czech Republic architecture magazine is concentrating on contemporary dense urban typology - mixed use structures - with shops, offices, living and ideally a multifunctional hall for entertainment. As a reference they show the mixed used buildings from early 20th century in central Europe, where vertical mixed used structures were very typical. They are focussing on buildings in the typical European height range of 6 to 10 floors.

Frizz23 provides exactly the mix, the magazin was looking for, even their ideal idea of a multifunctional hall for entertainment is provided by the non profit school Forum Berufsbildung e.V.

The article also describes the unique dialogical process of developing architectural and urban planning goals for the project together with representatives of the neighbourhood and of the Berlin senat and the district in several workshops.

We feel honoured that Frizz23 is included in this important theme publication!

>FRIZZ23 im tschechischen Architekturmagazin ERA21 veröffentlicht. >FRIZZ23 im tschechischen Architekturmagazin ERA21 veröffentlicht.

Concept Outbids Cash

Three concepts re-define Berlin's urban development

Saturday June 20 2015, 13:30
Make City Festival - Czech Centre Wilhelmstraße 44

Three architect driven developments are breaking ground on sites surrounding a disused flower market. These case studies in locally integrated urban development began, when their concepts were selected from over 40 contenders in Berlin’s experimental landsales procedure. Not the highest price, but the best ideas won. Architects have emerged as developers and pioneers of entirely new processes that have potential to change the rules of the property game in Berlin. These intelligent mixed-use projects combine commercial, social, residential and cultural goals. Together they expand Berlins Baugruppen tradition to a larger scale of collaborative thinking and collaborative developing. The complexities of developing a small city quarter in dialog with multiple layers of participants is a unique challenge for Architects exploring new frontiers of architectural practice.

As part of a panel discussion in Berlin Britta Jürgens and Matthew Griffin will give a short talk about the re-development of the Blumengroßmarkt and Deadline's approach to the FRIZZ23, one of three sites being developed within a model framework for Berlin's new land sales policy.

Supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung Berlin

For further information see: Concept Outbids Cash

Invitation: Concept Outbids Cash at MakeCity

Container Meeting Point

Container Meeting Point: This month, the magazine "tip berlin" dedicates few pages to the Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt and the architecture festival Make City Festival.

Container Meeting Point

New creativity district, 1000 jobs

New creativity district, 1000 jobs: another article about the future Friedrichstraße.


The new Friedrichstraße explained in the BZ

Article published by the BZ about the future of the Friedrichstraße and the redevelopment of the area.

To read the whole article click here


Biennale di Venezia

As part of a weekend workshop at the Arsenale in Venice Britta Jürgens and Matthew Griffin will give a short talk about the re-development of the Blumengroßmarkt and Deadline's approach to the FRIZZ23, one of three sites being developed within a model framework for Berlin's new land sales policy.

The Self Made City Weekend Special explores best-practice examples from Berlin, their specific qualities, and their potential as models for sustainable urban development.

Session 3 - Sunday 26.10.2014, 13:00-14:30, Arsenale Stage D

The Self Made City Weekend Special is organised by AA Projects

Self Made City: Venice Workshop


What a nice surprise!

On Friday, April 26,2013 a diagram of our project FRIZZ23 was put on the cover of 'Bauwelt', Germany's weekly architectural magazine.

In a three page article Stephan Becker describes the processes behind the re-development of the Blumengroßmarkt, an industrial site in Kreuzberg on the border to Mitte. Three sites are currently being sold by the government to innovative porjects which won a year and a half long tender process based not only on the price, but also on the best concept.

The three innovative development models are described within the context of the site, and Berlin's changing land sales policy. The Blumengroßmarkt is one of the last unwritten sites in the center of Berlin, and could serve as a model for future urban development policy in Berlin.

Innovatives Verfahren um die Blumengroßmarkthalle?
Bauwelt 16|2013
pp. 27-29
by Stephan Becker (Blog: TextPlusRaum)


FRIZZ23 in A10 magazine

FRIZZ23 gets international recognition!

In the recent issue #54 of A10, magazine for new european architecture, the project is included in the "On the spot" category.

The article describes the unique feature of FRIZZ23 as the first cultural co-ownership group constructing its own building of the city, as well as the innovative selling procedure of the plot by the state of Berlin.

We're thrilled to be included in the publication!

A10 #54 - Nov/Dec 2013
p. 6
by Emiel Lamers

A-10 Artikel