Berlin Kreuzberg’s cultural co-ownership project... ...the place for art, creative industries and education.

Be a part of FRIZZ23 and create your new workspace
together with us in the center of Berlin.

map of berlin :: the location

Location location location ...
... right between a park and a city square

map of berlin :: the location

What is still available?

  • the project is now 100% full, please contact us if you would like to be put on the waiting list

Multifaceted Synergy

By mixing large and small units, and opportunities for timesharing, FRIZZ23 provides an interactive framework for creative work within an inspiring environment.

The Concept :: Mixture


Many disciplines converge, fostering mutual inspiration. The contract specifies that 33% of the space be used for creative industry and the arts, and 32% for education. This clause is binding for 10 years.

The Concept :: Small Units

Small Units

The small units will support diversity, encouraging exchange and providing constant stimulus.

The Concept :: Timesharing


Ideas thrive in intense environments. By introducing a space management system, FRIZZ23 will expand its potential, making certain spaces available for very short periods. This lowers the cost for everyone, reducing space requirements to the essentials.

Authentic: because many investors will use the space themselves.
Lively: because a rich diverse array of activity will animate the building 24/7.

Multifaceted Spaces

View from Besselpark

View from Friedrichsstraße

View from Fromet-Moses-Mendelsson-Platz


Invitation: Parkfest

ParkfestSaturday, September 24, 3–9pm. Live music, + drinks + food + games for all ages.

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